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Jessica is an independent photographer and videographer. Born and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Jessica graduated from Kennesaw State University and worked as the locations services coordinator for the DeKalb Entertainment Commission, where she scouted and photographed film and TV locations for Black Lightning Season 3, FOX's The Resident and The Passage, Netflix's Stranger Things Season 3 and Disney's Jungle Cruise. As of 2019, Jessica relocated to New York to work towards her master’s in the Multimedia, Photography and Design program at Syracuse University. Through her program she is hoping to learn how to tell meaningful and inspiring stories through photography and videography.


Artistically, Jessica is discovering how to accurately communicate her vision through her work.; telling stories that illustrate the effects of education on the black community and media literacy.


"It is important for me to have the freedom to tell stories that challenge the media industry and be courageous enough to find alternative methods to do so." - Jessica Stewart. 


“People love to have lived a great story, but few people like the work it takes to make it happen. But joy costs pain.” 

–Donald Miller


“Great stories give life to greater stories. Here’s to the hope the next one is yours.” 

–Donald Miller

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