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lauren e. ashli


An Atlanta native, a woman of God and service, and a passionate professional of film, entertainment, and the arts. Growing up, Lauren was always intrigued by the way art, dance, and music had the ability to evoke emotions from an audience. After Lauren's 17 year pre-professional dance career, she began to grow a love for storytelling, and was later exposed to the power and art of filmmaking. As she matured, she began to understand the importance of black representation on and off the screen, and gained a strong passion for wanting to contribute to Hollywood's repertoire of black films, shows, and production companies. Through her passion for activism, art, music, and production, Lauren found purpose in pursuing the film industry, and has since been actively working on sets for Warner Bros., FOX, BET, The CW, VH1, MTV, ESPN,  and more. Most recently, she produced a film for the cable network AspireTV.

As a talented producer/writer, and the creator of the BWBM Network LLC., Lauren hopes to create a platform for filmmakers of color to unapologetically express themselves through art and produce films, shows, and documentaries that challenge modern-day storytelling, portrays black people through honest and transparent characters, continues to push culture, and most importantly, uplifts the community.

"We are currently in a need for a cultural movement that pushes us to remember more," 

-Bryan Stevenson

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